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Taking Charge of Your Divorce: A Single Partner's Guide to Simplified Dissolution in Florida


Navigating the intricate landscape of family law, divorce often evolves into a complex and emotionally charged journey. Fortunately, for couples in Florida, there exists a beacon of simplicity: the option of a streamlined process known as a simplified dissolution of marriage. Crafted to alleviate the challenges associated with divorce, this unique legal avenue is tailored for couples meeting specific criteria. In this blog post, we delve into the world of simplified dissolution in Florida, shedding light on the role played by a dedicated Florida Divorce Lawyer from our esteemed team at SPB LAW PA.

Understanding the Expedited Path: Florida's Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

Mutual Agreement: At the core of this efficient process is the requirement for both spouses to agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken. This mutual agreement serves as the foundation for embarking on the simplified journey, with both parties consenting to the streamlined process.

No Children: In this simplified approach, eligibility extends to couples without minor or dependent children, whether biological or adopted. This factor streamlines the process, focusing on couples without the additional complexities that children can introduce.

No Real Property: Simplified dissolution is an option for couples who don't share ownership of real property, such as a house or land. This exclusion eliminates potential hurdles, contributing to the process's overall simplicity.

Agreement on Property Division: Successful applicants for simplified dissolution have already reached an agreement on the division of assets and liabilities, including debts and property. This collaborative effort minimizes disputes and expedites the legal proceedings.

Waiver of Alimony: Both parties must willingly waive their right to spousal support or alimony, further simplifying the process and ensuring a clear understanding of financial responsibilities post-divorce.

Full Financial Disclosure: A crucial step in the simplified dissolution process is the exchange of comprehensive financial information. Both spouses are obligated to provide a complete and accurate disclosure of their assets and debts, ensuring transparency throughout the proceedings.

The Role of SPB LAW PA - Your Trusted Florida Divorce Lawyer:

While the simplified dissolution process aims for straightforwardness, the importance of expert legal guidance cannot be overstated. At SPB LAW PA, our seasoned Florida Divorce Lawyers play a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless journey for our clients:

Eligibility Assessment: Our skilled attorneys assist couples in determining their eligibility for simplified dissolution, guiding them through the criteria and necessary steps to initiate the process.

Document Preparation: Navigating the intricate legal paperwork is made effortless with the expertise of our legal team. We ensure all required documents are accurately completed and filed promptly, minimizing potential delays.

Mediation Assistance: In cases where disagreements surface during property division, our attorneys step in as mediators. Our aim is to facilitate constructive communication, helping couples reach a fair and equitable agreement that aligns with their goals.

Tailored Legal Advice: Even in the simplified dissolution process, personalized legal advice is indispensable. Our Florida Divorce Lawyers provide counsel on the implications of decisions, empowering individuals to make informed choices aligned with their best interests.

FAQ Questions

1.Can I file for simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida if my spouse does not agree to the divorce?

A: No, both spouses must mutually agree, consenting to the streamlined process.

2. Are there any residency requirements for filing for simplified dissolution in Florida?

A: Yes, at least one spouse must be a Florida resident for a minimum of six months before filing.

3. What happens if we have minor children together? Can we still pursue a simplified dissolution?

A: No, the option is only for couples without minor or dependent children.

4. Is it necessary to hire a Florida Divorce Lawyer for a simplified dissolution of marriage?

A: While not required, it is highly recommended for proper legal guidance.

5. What financial information is required during a simplified dissolution?

A: Both spouses must provide a complete and accurate disclosure of their assets and debts.

6. Can we handle property division on our own, or is mediation necessary in a simplified dissolution?

A: While couples can reach agreements independently, mediation may be beneficial.

7.Is alimony automatically waived in a simplified dissolution of marriage?

A: Yes, both parties must waive their right to spousal support or alimony.

8.Can we change our minds after starting the simplified dissolution process?

A: Yes, either party can withdraw before the final judgment is issued.

9.How long does the simplified dissolution process typically take in Florida?

A : Timelines vary, but it often resolves more quickly than traditional divorces.

10.What if we own real property together? Can we still pursue a simplified dissolution?

A: No, couples with shared real property must explore alternative divorce options.


While the waters of divorce may seem turbulent, the option of simplified dissolution in Florida offers a serene and streamlined passage for eligible couples. At SPB LAW PA, our commitment is to make this journey even smoother, ensuring that individuals receive the expert legal guidance they need during this emotionally charged time. Trust SPB LAW PA as your partner in simplifying the path to resolution, with our skilled Florida Divorce Lawyers by your side.

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